• Nail Art

    Transform your fingertips into miniature works of art with our exquisite collection of Japanese-style nail designs. Our experienced nail technicians specialise in Japanese nail art, and our entire salon exudes the essence of Japanese aesthetics.

    The highlight? We offer long-lasting, wear-resistant nails that can endure for over three weeks. In just 30 minutes, you can flaunt intricate and luxurious designs, perfect for those with limited time but a desire for opulent nail styles.

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  • Eyelash Extensions

    Elevate your eyes with precision.

    At Hers Luxe, we take eyelash extensions to a whole new level by tailoring them to your unique eye shape.

    Our expertise ensures you receive lashes that complement your natural beauty flawlessly.

    What sets us apart is our exclusive collaboration with Miss Eyedor, a renowned brand in the eyelash industry.

    Experience the ultimate in lash innovation with us.

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